September 25, 2021

The Healer and His Ways

Kingdom Power - Matthew


The desire for health is universal. Sick people all over the world want to be well, and in most cultures there are people dedicated to practice of healing. In Africa, a traditional healer uses different herbs and may consult spirits; a shaman helps with mental disorders. In the Chinese world, sick people often choose between Chinese medicine, where the doctor would prepare a remedy made from things like flowers, roots, insects, and seahorses, and would sometimes sink multiple needles into a troubled area of the body; or Western medicine where the healer would prescribe pills, or cut out troubled body parts. Here in Canada we have universal health care, where healing is in such great demand that we have long wait lines and a system increasingly difficult to pay for. Everyone who is sick wants to get better, and it seems we all have different ideas about who to trust for our healing.

The Gospel story tells us that Jesus is our Healer. Matthew 8:14-17 show us three aspects of Jesus the Healer.

Questions for Reflection:

  • Are you or a loved one unwell in body or mind? Bring that weakness to Jesus the Healer
  • Place all your worries, fears, and even anger around the global pandemic onto the shoulders of Jesus
  • Are you an over-zealous or hesitant disciple? Ask Jesus for a new revelation of Himself to enable you to follow Him fully