October 16, 2021

Renovation of the Heart

Kingdom Power - Matthew


The question behind today’s message is this: what kind of change does Jesus bring?

My wife loves to redecorate. Usually her project begins with a few new decorative pieces, but then the furniture is moved, new furniture pieces are considered, and walls are being painted. Sometimes it has turned into wall-removal and new windows.

If you are imagining the renovation of your house, do envision painting the exterior walls and maybe the interior walls, or do you imagine a new foundation, the rebuilding of the walls, a new plumbing system, new wiring, and a new roof.

If you are imagining the renovation of your life, do you imagine a few exterior alterations or a major renovation? What kind of change does Jesus bring?  


Questions for Reflection:

  • What is Jesus asking you to leave in order to follow Him?
  • How are you bringing your family and friends to Jesus?
  • Would your family and friends say your life is more characterized by religious activity or more marked by mercy? Does anything need to change?
  • Have you put out your coffee (tea) cup or have you surrendered your whole life to be filled with the new wine of Jesus?