December 4, 2021

What is Worth the Sacrifice?

Kingdom Power - Matthew


What is worth the sacrifice? We make sacrifices for the things we value most. I have seen people work for hours to buy a brand name pair of shoes. Married couples work for years and sacrifice all kinds of pleasures in order to buy a home. Parents often sacrifice personal dreams to invest in their children’s future. Others study for years, living on very little, in order to complete a degree. We make these sacrifices because we value the reward: a new pair of shoes, a home, happy children, a degree that opens doors, and so on. 

What does Jesus consider to be worth the sacrifice? When we surrender our lives to Jesus, we often do not think of sacrifice. We are excited about what we are receiving.  We expect Jesus’ presence in our lives to usher in complete wholeness and tranquility.  But, Jesus is a truth-teller. His words in Matthew 10 are hard words, but they are faithful words. He speaks the truth in love. What may it cost to follow Jesus? 

Questions for Reflection:

  • What have you sacrificed to follow Jesus?
  • Is there something Jesus is asking you to surrender today?
  • Who will you be family to this Christmas Season?