November 20, 2021

Sheep Among Wolves

Kingdom Power - Matthew


The persecuted church:

Over 340 million Christians live in places where they may experience high levels of persecution and discrimination.

4761 Christians were killed for their faith.

4488 churches and other Christian buildings were attacked.

4277 believers were detained without trial, arrested, sentenced or imprisoned.

Questions for Reflection – Pray for the Persecuted Church:

God, sustain the faith of our persecuted brothers and sisters so that they might faithfully endure trials and suffering for Christ’s sake.

God, we ask that the gospel will continue to spread through the persecuted, in prisons and in secret places, and that you will use both their words and faithfulness to bear witness to the gospel.

God, we ask that believers in persecuted areas might be able to experience the blessing of gathering with other believers for worship, as well as the regular fellowship and equipping of the church. 

God, give to pastors in the persecuted church courage, wisdom, and joy as they proclaim the gospel and exhort their people to hold fast to Christ. 

God, in your mercy, put an end to violence, intimidation, and other forms of persecution aimed at silencing persecuted believers and stopping the spread of the gospel. 

God, we ask that you will provide access to Bibles and other resources for our brothers and sisters who live in places that are hostile to your Word.

God, provide for the physical needs of our brothers and sisters, those who have lost jobs or are in prison for the sake of the gospel.