November 13, 2021

What Weighs on You?

Kingdom Power - Matthew


We are motivated by what burdens us. Some of us are concerned about climate change. If we are, we are making all kinds of adjustments to lessen our carbon footprint. Some of us are weighed down by our family situation. If we are, we are seeking counsel and investing in family relationships. Some of us are burdened by health concerns. If we are, we are taking measures to follow medical counsel and making lifestyle adjustments to ensure we stay healthy. Some of us are concerned about our financial situation. If we are, we are giving attention to income and savings and investments. What weighs on you today?

What weighed on Jesus? In Matthew 8 and 9, Jesus is going from village to village. As He goes, He sees people and feels compassion. He sees sheep without a shepherd. The sheep are harassed (troubled, worried, bewildered) and helpless (exhausted, can’t get up, can’t rescue themselves). That is what Jesus sees. According to Jesus, the sheep are “lost.” That means they are dying, being destroyed. Does it burden Him? Does it weigh on us?

Questions for Reflection:

  • What weighs on you today? Do you carry Jesus’ burden?
  • Are you aware of your specific assignment? What is it?
  • Who is Jesus asking you to bless with his peace (today, this week)? How will you bless them (a visit, the message of Jesus, an encouraging word, a prayer, a gift, an action)?