November 6, 2021

Do we See What Jesus Sees?

Kingdom Power - Matthew


Our youngest daughter was born with lots of energy, but she suffered from acute strabismus. The muscles around her eyes were not working together. So, at six months, she underwent surgery. For a few days after surgery, she just sat quietly in her chair, observing everything around her. Her world had changed. She was seeing more clearly. Did we see clearly this week as we rode buses and skytrains, walked through grocery stores and shopping malls, went to school and work? Did we see what Jesus saw?

Three verbs summarize Jesus’ ministry: teach, proclaim, and heal. He teaches in the synagogues, proclaims the good news of the kingdom of heaven, teaches His disciples what it means to follow Him, and heals. In Matthew 8 and 9, Jesus heals lepers, paralytics, blind people, fevers, the mute, and raises the dead. He interacts with religious leaders, sinners, and tax collectors. As Jesus goes about, He sees things. What does He see?

Questions for Reflection:

  • What aspect of the passage do you believe you need to obey today: going, seeing, loving, or praying?
  • Jesus said the harvest is plentiful, ready to hear the good news. How do you see the harvest around you?
  • Jesus encourages us to pray for workers in Matthew 9:38 and Luke 10:2. Would you be willing to set a daily reminder for yourself, at 9:38 or 10:02, so what will you be encouraged to pray for workers every day?