Global Ministries is the name we use for the overseas ministry Willingdon Church is involved in. On these pages, you'll find info on where we are investing, how the Lord is transforming lives, and how you can be involved.

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Let's Serve Our Missionaries Well!

Willingdon Church has a wonderful team of long-term missionaries that serve in various parts of the world.  From time to time, these missionaries return to the Vancouver area for a time of reconnection with us, rejuvenation, and retooling for ministry.  We want to serve these missionaries well when they are here, and there are ways that you can help.  Perhaps you have something tangible you could offer – do you have a suite in your house that they could stay in, or a car they could drive?  Maybe you are a dentist or an optometrist or a physiotherapist that would like to offer your services.  Maybe you love shopping for groceries and would like to fill their pantry before they arrive.  Do you have a vacation home that they could spend a weekend in?  Would you like to host an event with them in your home?  There are all sorts of creative ways that you can be a blessing to our missionary team.  If you’ve got an idea, or something you’d like to offer, we’d like to hear from you.  We are gathering a list, so that when a missionary is coming back to town, we can be in touch with you to see if you would like to engage in some way.  We’d love to hear from you.  CLICK HERE TO SEND YOUR IDEA TO US.

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Local Outreach

Willingdon Local Outreach exists to equip people to love God, empowering them to go serve their community and make disciples.

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STaRTS Course

Interested in participating in short-term mission? STaRT here! 

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WOM Podcast

Want to hear stories of God at work around the world?  Hear interviews that will inform and inspire you.

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